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We have visited Crete (Kriti - Kreta - Krete) island on September of 2008. Crete is the biggest Greek island, and the most south one. It is famous of it's beautiful beaches.
Island is very big, so it takes more than single vacation to visit it all. As we were placed in Rethymno, photos you will find here are mostly form places on west side of Crete.

Find out photos of following places of Crete (Kriti - Kreta - Krete):
Travel photos Rethymno.
Travel photos of Imeri Gramvousa and Balos lagoon - Great beaches, beutiful sea.
Travel photos of Elafonissi - Great beaches, with the most beautiful fine red sand of the island

More photos of places like Rethymno, Knossos, Matala, Heraklion, etc. are almost ready, will be published soon on travel photos of places.

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